Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A premium on carrying over a position on a French equity from one settlement period to the next. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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I. report re‧port 1 [rɪˈpɔːt ǁ -ɔːrt] noun [countable]
1. a written or spoken description of a situation or event:

• a favorable first quarter earnings report

• an interim financial progress report

ˈauditor's reˌport also ˈaudit reˌport
ACCOUNTING an official document written by an auditor, stating whether the accounts that have been examined have been kept properly and if there is anything the auditor is not happy with:

• Some criticisms of the firm's accounting methods were made in the auditor's report.

ˈCustom-House reˌport TRANSPORT
a document containing details of the passengers and goods carried on a ship, that is given to the Customs officials when the ship arrives in a port
diˈrectors' reˌport
a statement by a company's directors in its annual accounts giving the directors' opinion of the state of the company, and how much should be paid to people owning shares in the company:

• If the information in the directors' report is not consistent with the accounts, the auditors must state that fact in their report.

emˈployment reˌport
the part of a company's annual report that gives details of the company's employees and their rates of pay, the benefits they receive etc
ˈlaw reˌport LAW
an official record of legal cases, used to help lawyers decide on a particular course of action:

• The law reports contain a number of examples where this behaviour has led to a successful claim.

ˈmarket reˌport FINANCE
news about a particular financial market:

• The first-quarter bond market report held some encouraging news for the long-suffering junk market.

ˌstatutory reˈport
LAW a report that a company or organization must make public by law, especially its financial report:

• the statutory report for the year ended 30 June 2006

2. also ˌannual reˈport FINANCE a report presented each year by the directors of a company to the members and shareholders, containing financial information about the company's trading activities and the documents the company must produce by law, which are the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the Auditor'S and directors' report S:

• The company's annual report revealed a rise of 3.8% in overall passenger income to £7.2 million.

3. an official document produced by a group of people, examining a particular subject. People often use the name of the committee producing the report to talk about it:

• the Cadbury report on the financial aspects of corporate governance

4. a newspaper article or part of television or radio programme about a particular situation or event:

• According to a report in 'The Financial Times', several potential buyers are interested in the company.

5. HUMAN RESOURCES a manager's reports are the people who work for him or her:

• Get feedback about your effectiveness from your boss, your peers, and your direct reports (= the people who are directly below you in your organization ) .

  [m0] II. report report 2 verb
1. [transitive] FINANCE if a company reports a profit, loss etc, it announces publicly how much profit etc it has made:

• The company reported second-quarter earnings of $25.1 million.

• It is expected to report a 6% increase in sales.

2. [intransitive, transitive] to give people information about an event, situation etc:

• His remarks were first reported in yesterday's 'Chicago Tribune'.

report on

• Head office will report on outgoings each month.

report that

• 'The New York Times' reported that US business interests were lobbying the White House to lift the trade embargo.

3. [intransitive] to officially state you have arrived in an office, factory etc, usually by signing your name:
report to

• All delivery vehicles please report to the site office.

report back phrasal verb [intransitive]
to find out about something as part of your job, and then to tell your employer about it:

• She reported back to management with bold restructuring proposals.

report to somebody phrasal verb [transitive]
to work under someone's authority, and to be managed by them:

• Following his promotion, he will report directly to the chairman.

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report UK US /rɪˈpɔːt/ noun [C]
a spoken or written description of an event or situation: give/make a report »

I think it is good practice for companies to make a proper report to shareholders.

write a report »

She wrote a simple no-nonsense report.

a report on sth »

Can you give us a report on what happened at the meeting?


an employment/inflation/market report

a statement that may or may not be true: a report (that) »

Its shares have risen 33p over the past 10 days after reports it had received more than one approach.


According to reports from the US, details of the deal were leaked on internet message boards.

(also annual report) ACCOUNTING, FINANCE a report by a company each year with its audited (= officially examined) accounts, and information on how its management thinks it will do in the future: »

In last year's annual report we set a goal to double our revenue within the next five years.

an official document made by someone who has examined a particular subject: »

The panel's report said that governments are not spending enough on research.

a report on sth »

The task force published a scathing report on the impact of regulation on hotels and restaurants.


In a report, he said investors still face risks with this company if a merger does not occur.

IT a search for a particular type of information in a large amount of data, or the results of a search like this: run/generate a report »

You may need to run a report for a meeting from your laptop at home.

COMMUNICATIONS an article in a newspaper or on television about a particular situation or event: »

The statement was in response to a Dallas Morning News report.

a report on sth »

The evening news featured a special report on the banking crisis.

HR, WORKPLACE, MANAGEMENT someone who works for a particular manager: »

He has 15 direct reports.

See also AUDITOR'S REPORT(Cf. ↑auditor's report), CREDIT REPORT(Cf. ↑credit report), DIRECTORS' REPORT(Cf. ↑directors' report), EARNINGS REPORT(Cf. ↑earnings report), EMPLOYMENT REPORT(Cf. ↑employment report), FINANCIAL REPORT(Cf. ↑financial report), LAW REPORT(Cf. ↑law report), PROGRESS REPORT(Cf. ↑progress report), STATUTORY REPORT(Cf. ↑statutory report)
report UK US /rɪˈpɔːt/ verb
[T] COMMUNICATIONS, ACCOUNTING to make a public statement about something: report a rise/fall/drop »

They reported a 5.7% drop in sales.

report a profit/loss »

Their chief executive reported pre-tax profits of £489m.


The government reported the worst job losses in more than four years.

[I or T] COMMUNICATIONS to give information about something or a description of something: »

Dealers reported some extreme price movements among some of the biggest companies.


Small traders reported long waits to contact internet-based stockbrokers.

report that »

Staff members reported that morale had reached new lows.

report on sth »

The task force is due to report on its findings from the industry later this year.

report sth to sb »

That board has 30 days to report its findings to the President.

[I or T] to make an official complaint or statement about someone or something to a person in authority: report sb/sth to sb »

She threatened me, and I reported her to the manager.

report sb for sth »

She reported him for benefit fraud.

report sth stolen/missing/lost »

66 vehicles have been reported stolen during the month of April.

[I] to go to a place or person and say that you are there: »

Anyone entering the building must report to the office.

report to sb »

He must report daily to a pretrial services officer in San Diego.


She reported for work right on time as usual.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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